Amateur Photography

Here’s some random pictures I’ve taken that I thought I’d share with you all. I love photography. It’s definitely something I want to dig deeper into!

Zimbabwean Art Exhibit

I found this in the middle of Hartsfield – Jackson Intl Airport. Most of the sculptures focus on the importance of Black womanhood in Zimbabwean society. The exhibit reminded me of my great-grandmother. Her tough love and strong spirit was felt by everyone she knew — kind of like the women in these sculptures.








IMG_5138 2

Yuri, Kodie And Wave

I take a lot of photos of my friend’s pets. Here are some of the best ones:




New Orleans 






I had to take these photos as a part of a scavenger hunt for a DTH blog post. It was pretty cool. I enjoyed this piece as well as taking the photos! Each find in the hunt had different instructions. I attempted to fulfill all of them but, since I was alone, that didn’t always pan out.

photo 1
Imprint – include a shoe in your photo with the shoe impression. Success.
photo 2
Yellow brick – include the yellow brick and a body part in the photo. Success.
photo 3
Hooked up – photograph a personal item that is suspended from one of the hooks. Success.
photo 4
Fauxn – photograph someone using a mobile phone and include the pay phone in the picture. No success…but he is using the payphone!!
photo 5
Pink metal – Photograph the pink stairs with someone *not* standing on them. Success (I sat and took a selfie!).
photo 1
Risers – Photograph someone from behind the stairs. Success.
photo 2
Black lines – Take an extreme closeup of the mural so that the content of the photo is abstracted beyond recognition. Success.
photo 3
Fisheye – take a selfie in this mirror. Success.
photo 4
Aloud – photograph a sound being made. Success (it was HARD to do this).
photo 5
Unstapled – photograph someone trying to remove a staple from the pole, using whatever tools they have on them. Success (she used a key!)
photo 1
Inclined – place someone against the fence or the wall. Face uphill while you take the photo. No success (I’m looking downhill. Boooooo.)
photo 2
Letters – place someone within the space of this window, forming his/her body into the shape of a letter. No success (I was alone…cut me some slack).
photo 3
Back Room – compose a photo from within the “room” created between the dumpsters, fence, tank and outbuilding. Success.

Other Random Photos 

UNC's Wilson Library
UNC’s Wilson Library



Granny's Azalea Bushes
Granny’s Azalea Bushes
The Old Well
The Old Well
Summer Sunset
Summer Sunset



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