Baltimore School Cops’ Abuse Of Kids Is Rooted In City’s Racist History

Baltimore police officers violated the Constitution by disproportionately stopping, frisking and arresting black residents, according to a damning report from the U.S. Justice Department released last week.

But lost in the resulting criticism of the Baltimore Police Department was another, equally concerning aspect of the report: It revealed that the city “has essentially used the Baltimore School Police as an auxiliary force to BPD.” School police can “exercise full police power anywhere within the jurisdiction of the City of Baltimore,” according to the report. This includes making arrests, aiding Baltimore Police officers in investigations and following up on criminal cases.

So if Baltimore city cops are systematically violating the rights of black adults in the city, how are their buddies in the school police force treating black kids?

They’re arresting them ― a lot.

Read the entire piece here


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