Rough Edges – A Poem

To all my ladies who are rough around the edges, do not smooth yourself to pamper another’s comfort

Your edges do not showcase what you are, but what you’ve been through. What you’ve survived

The most beautiful diamonds are immaculately flawed until a jeweler smooths them down to be more appealing to the blind eye.

Fuck appealing to motherfuckas who only see your beauty when you’re respectable or presentable. Fuck appealing to niggas who don’t want the scars you bear upon your skin to be more obvious than theirs. Fuck hiding or changing who you are to appeal to anyone.

Your rough edges are glamorously stained glass windows. You’re rough because every man you’ve encountered long enough to love broke you, took a piece and left a portion of himself behind.

Another shard of glass for you to stick onto yourself. Another shard of glass making you appear rough to others though that glass could never pierce them as deeply as it does you.

All you wanna do is love. But your edges are so prominent that they detract from the glowingly gentle soul lurking just beneath the surface.

These edges are all the simple minded see. They can’t grasp that you’re rough because your being showcases the pieces of other ppl you tote with you on a daily basis

They don’t know that those edges could never hurt them like they hurt you. They don’t know that by rejecting you because you’re too rough around the edges, they’re just adding another shard to your body. They don’t see how impeccably beautiful you are.

You are rough but you are beautiful. Your imperfections and your dirty little sailor mouth show us the lioness that lives inside of you. The stern woman who only pushes you because she loves you.

The visionary who sees things in people they can’t see in themselves because you know what it’s like to be misperceived simply because of these edges.

Baby girl, you scare the shit outta these weak ass niggas but don’t let that bother you. You were crafted for a king.
You were crafted for a man who isn’t afraid to love you. You were crafted for a man who doesn’t let his fear of not being enough for you and your roughness to deter him.

You’ve been jumping off cliffs and flying your entire life so god will not allow you be with someone who won’t even try to soar like you do

The weight of your world, your reality has never kept you on the ground for long. You’re rough like fire and burn like salt in a wound because you know nothing worth having, keeping or being comes from safety, ease or comfort.

You were created for someone who holds you despite the fact that every aspect of your being stabs, cuts and bruises their ego because they know those cuts will toughen them up. Build them up. Help mold them into what you know they can be.

You were molded by the forces of this universe to exert change, move mountains and shift tides. You were created to burn and your strength, your fire exudes from those rough edges.

Nothing in this world comes smoothly. Your roughness aligns you with forces of higher purpose. Forces that craft this universe. Forces that shatter these classy motherfuckas facades because you are real baby girl.

Don’t ever hide it. Embrace your edges. Love them. And see them for exactly what they are: revolutionary.

One thought on “Rough Edges – A Poem

  1. Hello Julia I have been following your blog for a while, I wanted to know if you would be interested in being nominated for the versatile blogger award? This blog deserve it sincerely :), please let me know. Thanks.


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