Reverse racism isn’t a thing, y’all

I find it highly comical when white people believe they can experience racism. Whenever I bring up the ills that affect people of color — and indite white folks as the perpetrators — some white soul comes out of the woodwork proclaiming that his or her race can also fall victim to racism.IMG_2057

It never fails.

I find this to be frustrating and annoying more than anything else. Black people, as well as people of color in general, have already had to create our own spaces where we can discuss OUR lives, OUR culture and share OUR sentiments about OUR oppressors – now that’s in jeopardy.

It appears as though white people want everything. They want the beauty standards, the economic resources, the sociopolitical power and, now, the other side of oppression.

Can we, non-white people, have anything? We can’t have our fashion statements. We can’t have the benefit of the doubt. We can’t have justice. We can’t have a damn thing unless we’re serving the cultivation of whiteness in some way, shape or form.

Sounds a lot like the purpose Black bodies served during slavery hasn’t changed in the minds of white folks (collectively). It’s irritating to explain why people of color can’t be racist to white folks who want the world to acknowledge how they, too, can experience the suffering that non-whites endue on a daily basis.


Screaming that people of color do not hold the institutional power that makes racism a systemic force and that we, non-white people, are incapable of oppressing anyone is futile. Highlighting the statistical differences between Black people and white people means nothing. And, my favorite, race NEVER matters until its white people on the chopping block.

Our struggles are always explained away via the highlighting of white ignorance to all things racial – and we’re just supposed to accept that as enough. But when my people cry out in pain and desperation about the reality of what we deal with on a DAILY basis, it is never enough.

Our stories and voices are never enough. We always have to prove that we are victims. It is essential that our victimhood be validated.

Racism seems to exist to white people only when they are the supposed victims of the phenomenon. Blacks, Latinos and other members of our nation’s minority can never experience discrimination it seems. But white folks? OHMYGOD Y’ALL JUST HAVE IT SO BAD!IMG_2058

I do not wish to negate anything any white person has experienced. However, what must be understood is that you cannot experience racism. You can’t. You can experience prejudice all day, everyday. But racism? Nah. That is the one thing that is not yours.

So let us non-white folks discuss this topic in peace. Stop fucking antagonizing us. For once.


105 thoughts on “Reverse racism isn’t a thing, y’all

  1. Hi,

    I’m doing a wikipedia proposal as my final project in one of my classes. Would it be possible to use and cite your diagram as part of my entry for reverse racism?


  2. There seems to be a huge misunderstanding between the difference of Oppression and Racism. I have read several stories regarding racism. Each time someone is using an incorrect definition of Racism. Yet, somehow in their argument, they make a correct statement.

    The claim someone white cannot be discriminated against or suffer from racism is incorrect. The true definition of Racism, in all dictionaries, is the poor treatment of others due to their race. Yet, those trying to make this claim add on additional language, that the person/group perpetrating this “racism” has to be in power. Which, if you review definitions, this is the definition of oppression, not racism.

    Most of the time, in these stories, the writer then makes a correct statement. Whites have not been oppressed. True, in order to be oppressed, one race must have power, as the definition is unjust or cruel exercise of power or authority.

    All I ask is that if these writers or going to be able to write and have their articles published, that the publishing company actually review the story and make sure the story is accurate and not just something to help push agendas.

    Bash how you may, but read the definitions. Don’t add your own language or combine definitions to try to make your story accurate.

  3. Can’t have ur own fashion statements? I’m pretty sure most black people dress like white skaters nowadays…skinny jeans?? Straight hair? Lil Wayne pretending to play a guitar? High top skater type shoes?? Wrist bands? Before all that it was baggy jeans n timbs n fubu jerseys,so can we white people keep our own with out u claiming them cuz Kanye ripped off some white boys style. Thanks, white people.

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