8/30 – national poetry month

Dude, give it up 
I’m not interested in you 
Your credentials and resume don’t impress me 
I’m not intrigued by your personality 
And I’m not captivated by your conversation 

You see whenever I meet a man, I’m looking for a spark 
I’m looking for a click 
I’m looking for a chemical reaction that I have never experienced when encountering someone else
I’m looking for someone I can rap with
Someone I can converse with
Hell, I’m country so I’m looking for a shorty I can conversate with

I want someone who knows my ins and outs without being around me for too long
Someone who reads me almost immediately
I want a man who commands my attention and who checks my smart mouth because his pride would never allow for me to run over him

I’m looking for inspiration
I’m looking for someone whose mere presence sends fire through my veins and into my pen, igniting my craft
I want someone who challenges me
Mentally, emotionally, spirituality, and uh…ha physically.

And that guy isn’t you so go away
– management.


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