5/30 – national poetry month

This is recycled but I’m super tired and way behind on my poems. Plus I like this one soooo here it is.

It’s like I spawned from your rib.

It’s like I’m your missing piece and you, you’re my missing whole.

It’s like I was created from a little portion of your soul that you only get back when you’re with me.

It’s like I complete you.

It only took Jah 6 days to finish his Paradise.

And it only took 6 months for me and you to completely fall apart.

I’ve never been into numerology but I feel like if we would have hit that 7th month just like God hit His 7th day maybe we could have rested.

Maybe your mind and your racing thoughts would have had time to chillax.

And the violent storm raging in the depths of my self-conscious would have passed.

Maybe we could have simply been we.

Maybe if the 7th would have come we wouldn’t have been cast out of our paradise.

But unlike Eve, I wasn’t the one who took that fatal bite out the apple of our love only to leave it devoid of its core.

Unlike Adam and Eve, baby you and I fell apart after we were sent out of the Garden and into the world where the all the sins of the earth fell upon us.

Our bond wasn’t made stronger by your inner unrest with us and you couldn’t find solace in what you and I could be.

It’s almost as if you didn’t have faith in our connection.

You didn’t believe in your rib, your God-given rib.

Instead of pulling closer to that part of yourself that you were missing, instead of moving closer to the other half of that fraction that made you whole, you pulled away.

You zeroed out your denominator which aided in undistinguishing us and caused you to be void of a way in which to define yourself.

You forced a wedge between us. You created friction between us.

You repelled the portion of you that protects your heart.

You repelled a section of your breastplate.

You repelled that missing piece of your God given armor.

Ya see baby I came from your rib.

I was built to protect you.

I was built to keep you safe.

I was built to guard that beating vessel that goes thoo-thoo, thoo-thoo inside your chest.

Proverbs 4:23 says: Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life

Baby, God put me in your life to guard your heart.

To make sure that you’re protected.

Protected from bitterness, anguish, loneliness.

God created me so that you wouldn’t have to walk this troubled path alone.

But something inside you coerced you into treading alone.

Some inner voice, some gut feeling told you to let me go.

So you go on without your rib and I go on without my whole.

Bye Adam.


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