10/30 – national poetry month

When I was younger, I had a pair of burgundy pants that I loved very much. 
They flared at the bottom and they were a perfect fit. 
I wore those pants damn near everyday. Those pants were comfortable. Those pants were an extension of myself. 
But soon the pants got old. They became worn out. They went out of style. I outgrew them. 

Kind of like I’ve outgrown you. 
As much as I loved those pants, I had them let them go
They were no longer useful
They were no longer conducive to me and my well being
I couldn’t fit them anymore.

You don’t fit me anymore
Just like those pants, your seams began to come undone and our relationship spilled out of the fissures in the fabric
Just like that 8 year old girl, I began to grow and grow to the point where I couldn’t squeeze myself into you anymore
You couldn’t contain my growth anymore

The burning passion that denotes a new relationship bled out of us just like the burgundy coloring faded out of those pants
I had to throw you out of my life because you stopped being useful like those pants

I have to move on.
My 21 year old self doesn’t want to throw you out just like that 8 year old girl didn’t want to throw away her favorite article of clothing.
Something, someone who just fit her so well

It’s hard to find a good, solid pair of pants
Pants that fit perfectly. Pants that give in their elastic to accommodate your being.
Pants that slack in all the right places
Pants that are comfortable
Pants that make you feel good
Pants that make you look good
Pants that won’t rip because those threads, that foundation is solid.
Pants that grow with you and your changes

It’s hard to find those pants
I loved my burgundy pants.
I love you
But just like I got over throwing away those pants, I’ll get over you too
And find a pair that fits me and all my essence better than you did.

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