2/30 – National Poetry Month

When he wishes you well, it’s just that — Him wishing you well.
There’s no deeper meaning.
He’s not invested in your future
Seeing you thrive doesn’t mean as much to him anymore
Seeing you blossom into this beautiful flower doesn’t mean that much to him anymore because he’s done admiring your growth.
He’s done caressing your beautiful petals and he’s won’t water you anymore.
He no longer serves as your sunlight
He no longer pours himself over you allowing his mere being to flood your soul with joy

He is done.
And you keep reaching out
You keep waiting for shit to be different
You keep waiting on a change to come — a change that never will come.
You’re so optimistic when it comes to this nigga that you’re pathetic
You’re hoping and wishing and waiting while he’s living his life without you.
You’re no longer his sunshine. He’s no longer invested in you.
Let it go bruh.


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