FEATURED: If you’re White you’re alright; If you’re Brown stick around; If you’re Black get back…

I was featured on Media Whistle Blower, a blog ran by the highly insightful and intelligent Desere’ Cross. I was glad to write this for her. Here’s an exert. You can check out the rest on her blog!!

Colorism: the discrimination in which someone is treated differently based solely upon the color of their skin due to the social meanings and assumptions attached to their complexions.

This “-ism” is one that plagues the media and the Black community. It’s no debate that there is a national preference for light-skinned Black women in the media, if Black women are included at all.


Recently, Pharrell has been heavily criticized for the exclusion of a Black woman on the cover of his new album Girl. But in an interview with TheYBF.com, the (legendary) artist claims that the woman in the middle of the trio is in fact a Black woman. He says she is simply light-skinned and has extremely European features, as some Black women do. However, the issue is not that this woman is light-skinned — the problem is colorism and the systematic exclusion of darker skinned women by the media.

But, before we get into all that, let me provide you with a little background on colorism and the role it has played in the Black community…

Read the rest here.

One thought on “FEATURED: If you’re White you’re alright; If you’re Brown stick around; If you’re Black get back…

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