Thoughts on Marcus Smart shoving “superfan” Jeff Orr

I’ve been fighting a sinus infection so I haven’t posted in a little over a week. I also haven’t had the time to break this down in a comprehensive and holistic post since I’ve been playing catch up. I’m including this addendum to simply explain the post’s format.

Last Saturday night, Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart shoved Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr. Smart reportedly told the Oklahoma State radio crew that Orr called him a “nigger.”

Here’s video of the incident:

Smart’s response to the alleged slur resulted in a three-game suspension from the Big 12 on Sunday. He will not be back on the court until February 22 when the Cowboys face Texas Tech for the second-time in the regular season.

Texas Tech and Jeff Orr have both said no racial slur was used against Smart, who has since apologized for his actions.

While we will never know what was said to Smart by Orr (though I am inclined to believe Smart’s claims that he was called a “nigger”), the following tweets serve as a rough summation of my opinion on the matter.

Note: I either tweeted or retweeted these things onto my personal timeline

correction: disciplined

A more comprehensive post on my opinion will be posted by the end of the week!


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