Dear 2014 Self

I’ve seen some others writing letters to their 2014 selves (really just Blacktothafuture and BrownSunChild). But it seems like a really great idea sooooo yeah, here I go. 

Dear 2014 Julia, 

Hey boo. I want to start off by telling you that I’m already proud of you. I know you’re going to be great because you’ve learned a lot in 2013. And I know you took those lessons into the new year. 

But Craven, always always remember that you are an amazing woman. You are. You’re intelligent, you’re beautiful, you’re ambitious, you’re hungry for success, you’re determined, you’re passionate. You are fire. You’re a beam of sunlight. You’re a lot to handle. You’re really extra and excessive. You’re caring. Your heart is bigger than you let on but the people around you know better. You’re a fighter. You’re a survivor. You’re a goddess. 

You fight so hard for what you believe in. You make strides. You scared the shit out of the UNC administration with one article. ONE. Who else has done that?! You called them out in the most holistic, PC way possible. You got people talking about race issues in education. You spearheaded a NATIONAL conversation on low black male enrollment. Craven, you f**king did that!!!!! 

I guess my point is to always remember how wonderful you are. You doubt yourself entirely too much. Stop doing that. Stop doubting your greatness and who you are because if you don’t believe in you, who will?

And I know you’re still hurt about you and him breaking up. Trust me, I know (I mean, I am you ya know?). But dear if he’s meant for you, he’ll be back when you’re ready. When he’s ready. Shoot, you’ll probably meet someone even more fit for you. Whatever. I want you to go forth with your life. Don’t worry about things out of your control. Seriously. All you can do is focus on you. Keep bettering you. You’ve been bettering yourself for a year now…and look how fruitful 2013 was: 

  • You worked for USA TODAY and were published nationally 
  • You became an assistant editor at The Daily Tar Heel 
  • You learned that you’re not only capable of loving another human being, but you’re capable of opening yourself up enough to be loved 
  • You started writing poetry again!!!!!!!! AND YOU BETTER NOT STOP! 
  • You lost weight 
  • You learned to love your natural curls and you let that relaxed hair go 
  • You legit had no hair and you still looked phenomenal 
  • You fell in love with yourself (personality wise and physically)

The list goes on.

All I’m saying is keep it up Crayy. Things can only go upward from here. Go take over it world. Remember that Muss didn’t raise you to be weak, she raised you to be strong. You’re a warrior. You’re tough. But you’re also a lover and you care so much about everyone. You really do have what it takes. Just believe that. Internalize that shit. 

Be great. 


2013 Julia 


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