An iMessage App Is Now Available for Android, but There’s a Catch

Hmm….very interesting


There’s an unofficial iMessage app for Android that allows Android owners and iPhone owners to live harmoniously with one another thanks to the fine art of communication.

See, that’s been the problem this whole time. There’s been no cross-compatible communication method between iPhone and Android (except for voice calls, e-mail, text messaging, the web and several others), and if you can’t communicate, how can you be expected to get along?

Anyway, an enterprising developer has figured out a way to get Apple’s popular iMessage service working on Android handsets.

There’s just one teeny, tiny, itty, bitty asterisk: In order to trick Apple’s servers into thinking Android-sent messages are coming from an Apple device, those messages apparently get routed through a third-party server in China, and you have to log in using your Apple ID and password. From the sounds of it, you’re basically trusting the app’s developer not to do…

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