Suburban Mom Charged with Running a $3 Million Pot Business


In real-world news that sounds like it came straight out of the Showtime comedy Weeds, a mother of three from a wealthy New York City suburb has been accused of running a massive cannabis empire.

Drug Enforcement Agency officials arrested Andrea K. Sanderlin, 45, two weeks ago outside of a Queens warehouse where she is charged with running a $3 million marijuana business under the front “Fantastic Enterprises.” According to a U.S. District court filing posted online by The Smoking Gun, law enforcement agents discovered “state of the art” lighting, irrigation, and ventilation systems for growing marijuana during a May 20th raid and seized about 2,800 plants and dried marijuana plus $6,000 in cash and books from the building. Near Sanderlin’s residence in Scarsdale, authorities seized $7,900 from a nanny, who was allegedly delivering cash to Sanderlin’s boyfriend and the child’s father Victor Garcia.

How’d authorities realize something fishy…

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